Rust Veto 344

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Outdoor storage protection of steel surfaces




This fast drying, solvent solution produces a hard .003” black, tough, plastic type film. It was developed to give long -term protection on equipment that is to be stored outdoors. Its rapid drying permits handling within four hours without injury to the film.


When exposed to long periods of outdoor storage the film is extremely resistant to cracking, “alligatoring” and/or flaking. A Rust Veto 344 film will not flow up to 190°F, and remains plastic down to 0°F. Material coated with this product can be welded without removing the coating.




Type of Film

Dry, black

Flash Point

105°F minimum (40.5°C min.)

Film Thickness (dip)

3.0 – 4.5 mils

Pour Point

20°F (-6.6°C)

Drying time

4 hours

Low temperature adhesion

Will not flake off at 0°F (17.7°C)

Gravity @ 60°F


Coverage (average)

300 sq. ft./gal.

Method of Removal

Hot solution, Houghto-Clean 221 or 270 or petroleum solvent

Pound per gallon

7.39 (.888 kg/l)




·         Excellent weathering

·         Fast drying

·         You can weld through film

·         Good resistance to cracking

·         Protects your investment in inventoried parts for years.

·         Low-odor nature of the products optimizes worker acceptance.

·         Rapid drying permits handling of parts shortly after application which expedites process flow and packaging.




Refer to MSDS for proper handling and disposal. Please note that the MSDS includes handling, health and disposal information which should be passed on to your employees, and to anyone else who comes in contact with our product. Additional advice can also be obtained from your local Houghton representative.


NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

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