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Spray Cleaner / Rust Inhibitor




GF CLEAN 405 is amber clear liquid low foam cleaner concentrate designed specially for use in cabinet spray washers. It is a mildly alkaline liquid containing non-SARA reportable chemicals and high level of biodegradable surface active agents, fortified with non-nitrite rust inhibitor additives. GF CLEAN 405 is a non-silicated cleaner that can be used with no water rinse or rinsed and followed with a rust inhibitor treatment on steel and iron. Practically all non-ferrous metal cleaning should be followed with a clean water rinse. GF CLEAN 405 and its rust inhibitor system will provide positive indoor rust protection for several days to weeks under normal storage conditions.


Key Properties


·         Safe to Use


·         No Rinsing Necessary


·         Concentrated


·         Mildly alkaline liquid cleaner


·         Composed of non-SARA reportable chemicals, biodegradable


·         Economical to use


Use Instructions


Cleaning Equipment: Suitable for use in recirculating spray washers, turbulators, Kleer-Flo oscillating cleaner tanks or like equipment.


Use Concentration: In most cleaning situations 1.5 to 5.0% is recommended at 120-160°F, 1-5 minutes or as time needed. (NOTE - pHs of 1.5% = 9.5; 3.0% = 9.59; 5.0% =9.61)


Cleaning Efficiency: Conventional low foam cleaners will not improve the cleaning efficiency no matter what increased concentration is used. GF CLEAN 405 will positively respond upon increase of use concentration. (NOTE - For testing for “Water Break Free” surface with use of low foam cleaner, it is important to use cold water spray rinse, not hot water, to examine the cleaned metal surface.)


Control: Fluid tester readings or titration method can be established to control use concentration. Check with your DuBois Representative


Metals: GF CLEAN 405 is a multi-metal cleaner. It will provide rust inhibition on steel and iron after cleaning and not rinsed with water or anti-tarnish for copper and brass after rinsing with some water.




Burette Method


1.    Take a 25 ml sample of your solution with the pipette and place it in the flask.


2.    Add 5 drops of 0.04% Bromophenol Blue.


3.    Carefully add 0.10 N Hydrochloric Acid to the mixture in the flask until the blue color turns yellow. Record the number of mils of 0.10 N Hydrochloric Acid.


Percent by Volume GF CLEAN 405 = mls x 0.1587


Safe Handling and Storage Instructions


Before handling and using GF CLEAN 405, the Material Safety Data Sheet should be read and understood by all personnel in contact with this product. General indoor storage at temperatures above freezing are recommended for the storage of GF CLEAN 405. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.




Any disposal of this product should be in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations




KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Please refer to the label and Material Safety Data information for all warnings, recommendations for safety equipment, and other regulatory information.

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