Dromus B

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Water Miscible Metalworking Fluid




Dromus B is a general purpose soluble oil for light to moderate duty machining on a wide range of materials.


Dromus B is high mineral oil containing soluble for easy to medium duty machining, including grinding, on a wide variety of materials including as well ferrous as non-ferrous metals.




The concentration varies depending on the type of machining operation, the water hardness and the required inter-operational corrosion protection. The recommended concentration for use in medium water hardness is:


General machining:

6 – 8 %

Heavy duty machining

8 – 12%







Mineral Oil Content


80 %

Density @ 20°C

DIN EN ISO 12185

885-892 kg/m³

pH of the emulsion at 5% (TH0)

NFT 60193

8.5 – 8.8

Refractometer Factor






·         High lubricity – high mineral oil content of emulsions provides excellent tool lubrication.

·         Emulsion stability – readily emulsifies to form stable emulsions in a wide range of water hardness.

·         Good corrosion protection – for both machine and workpieces.

·         Low foaming

·         Wide application range – suitable for use with a wide range of general engineering materials.

·         Cost effective

·         Enhanced lubricity provides extended tool life and reduces tooling cost.

·         Provides improved part finish which reduces overall cost through reduced rework and scrap rates




Refer to MSDS for proper handling and disposal. Please note that the MSDS includes handling, health and disposal information which should be passed on to your employees, and to anyone else who comes in contact with our product. Additional advice can also be obtained from your local Houghton representative.


NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

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