Dasco Quench LPA 15

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Premium Quality Fast Quenching Oil




Dasco Quench LPA 15 has been developed to meet the most stringent North American and European standards, especially those for assuring clean and bright parts after heat treatment. It is a super-fast quenching oil based on selected highly refined virgin paraffinic base stocks enhanced by a unique additive package. This combination of highly effective oxidation and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminates sludging and staining, and significantly prolongs useful service life of this outstanding quenching oil.


Dasco Quench LPA 15 is used in all applications, where the highest cooling rates and uniform hardening of steels is required, along with the need for clean and bright finished parts. It assures the finest results in steels having variable hardenability or a wide variation in grain size, or in parts having no uniform section thickness or odd shapes.




Specific Gravity


Viscosity @ 100°F

85 SUS

Flash Point


Fire Point


Pour Point





·         Super fast quenching rates for maximum hardness.

·         Clean and bright finished parts.

·         Uniform hardness with minimum cracking and distortions.

·         Constant, predictable cooling rates.

·         Reduced sensitivity to variable agitation effects.

·         High thermal and oxidation stability.

·         Exceptional resistance to sludge and deposit formation.

·         High flash point minimizes the danger of fire and smoke formation.

·         Outstanding corrosion inhibition.


Dasco Quench LPA 15’s development was based on superior results in the following tests that are backbone of each quench oil specification:


·         Cooling Speed and Rate Curve Evaluation using Cooling Curve Meter (ASTM D 6200 Test Method)

·         Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test (ASTM D 2272 Test Method)

·         Decomposition Products Formation Tendency using Pan-




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