Cindol 4602

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Light viscosity forming lubricant for forming non-ferrous alloys


Cindol 4602 is part of the special Cindol family formulated especially for the non-ferrous forming industry. Cindol 4602 is providing excellent results in stamping light gauge aluminum for radiation and cooling fins; also producing excellent fine aluminum and copper wire. It can also be used in forming aluminum MC cable. Cindol 4602 has the following advantages over conventional wire drawing lubricants: produces brighter wire, permits faster drawing speeds, dies run cooler and pickup on the die is reduced. Cindol 4602 gives improved results in general lubrication, forming and machining operations.


·         Contains unique "ND" lubrication additive to lower coefficient of friction on steel to aluminum and aluminum to aluminum producing brighter metal surfaces

·         Excellent lubricity providing cooler dies thereby reducing die pickup

·         Provides faster drawing speeds for increased production


Appearance (color)

Clear liquid

Viscosity @ 100°F (38°C)

40 + 5 SUS

Flash Point, °F (°C), COC

257 (125)

Pounds per Gallon


Specific Gravity



Refer to MSDS for proper handling and disposal. Please note that the MSDS includes handling, health and disposal information which should be passed on to your employees, and to anyone else who comes in contact with our product. Additional advice can also be obtained from your local Houghton representative.

NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

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