Cindol 3401

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Cindol 3401 is a low viscosity metalworking lubricant to machine, ream, form, grind, polish, hone and lap aluminum and other metals.  Its low viscosity gives it a remarkable cooling ability approaching that of a soluble oil.  Yet, it has a unique additive, ND, and premium petroleum oils to give it the potency of a straight oil.  This combination means better finish, more production, better tool life and closer tolerances.


For honing operations where the use of typical black oils is precluded, Cindol 3401 can be used to provide the necessary cycle times and finish with a cleaner operation.  Its bland odor and clear appearance also enhance operator acceptance.


Cindol 3401 is a new kind of lubricant with a unique additive, ND.  It dramatically lowers the coefficient of friction of steel to aluminum and of aluminum to aluminum, and is also used on stainless steel, bronze, brass, galvanized steel, titanium and other metals.





3 Maximum, NPA

Viscosity @ 40°C

40 SUS

Flash Point (COC)

275°F (135°C)

Pounds per Gallon @ 60°F

6.9 – 7.1

Kg/l @ 15°C

0.83 – 0.85




Cindol 3401 is used in lapping aluminum and steel components at an electronics plant.  Ten to twenty percent less silicon carbide or aluminum oxide is needed than before due to better suspension.  This offers considerable savings.  Cindol 3401 is used on 12 machines with approximately 16" diameter turntables.  Finish is better too!


In making aluminum memory discs, finish is very important.  Cindol 3401 offers four advantages - better finish, a one-piece vehicle, less grit used due to better suspension and higher flash than kerosene dilutions.


An automotive supplier drills, broaches, taps and reams carburetor parts.  Formerly, the 1-1/4" reamer was dressed at about 1,200 pieces.  With Cindol 3401 16,000 pieces are produced before the reamer is dressed.  Finish is better.


Air conditioner manufacturers use Cindol 3401 as a fine die lubricant.  Build-up on the dies is substantially reduced, giving greater die life - lubricity permits greater stretching of the stock without cracking.




Here are the results of tests in a modified Roxana tester.


Under a controlled load and speed, an aluminum cup was rotated against a flat aluminum washer.  The frictional torque was determined by means of a strain gauge connected to a continuous recording instrument.  Wear was determined by examination of the aluminum washer.


Houghton's Cindol 3401 with ND reduced friction over 80% in comparison with an SAE 10 Spindle Oil.  At the same time, there was a startling difference in appearance between the two aluminum washers used in the tests.


The same type of result was obtained when a steel cup was rotated against an aluminum washer.




Under normal conditions, the recommended shelf life for Cindol 3401 is twelve (12) months.




Cindol 3401 is shipped in 55 (U.S.) gallon (208 liter) steel drums and in bulk.




Petroleum Lubricating Oil NOS




No health or safety hazards exist when Cindol 3401 is stored, used and disposed of in accordance with instructions given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.




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