Cerfa-Kleen 5350

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Cerfa-Kleen 5350 is a heavy-duty general maintenance cleaner for use in all industries.  It is an economical blend of alkali, detergents, and solvents formulated for use in cleaning floors, walls, machinery, etc.

Cerfa-Kleen 5350 has been designed to provide efficient cleaning at both high and lower temperatures.  Aside from general maintenance cleaning, it may also be used in soak cleaning and tumble cleaning operations.



Clear, water white

Weight Per Gallon

8.7 pounds

pH (2% solution)



Miscible with water in all proportions

Effect on Metals

Safe on ferrous metals, copper and aluminum


Cerfa-Kleen 5350 is used in floor scrubbing machines, generally in the range of 1 to 3% in water.  Exact concentration, of course, is dependent on how dirty the floors are and on what soils are involved.

Dip cleaning operations would require 5 to 10% of product in water and can be operated at a temperature range of 80 to 180°F.  The exact temperature and time, again, are dependent on the soil involved.


Cleaning Compound, Liquid


Cerfa-Kleen 5350 is shipped in 55 (U.S.) gallon (208 liter) steel drums.


·         Liquid product, completely miscible with water

·         Can be used at room temperature

·         Free rinsing

·         Versatile - works on many soils at various temperatures


No health or safety hazards exist when Cerfa-Kleen 5350 is stored, used and disposed of in accordance with instructions given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


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