Aqua-Quench 3600

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Aqua-Quench 3600 is a concentrated solution of polyethyloxazoline. Aqua-Quench 3600 is inversely soluble in water and is inhibited against ferrous and limited nonferrous corrosion. Aqua-Quench 3600 has quenching characteristics which provide a very slow cooling rate in the convection phase of time-temperature cooling curves.




Aqua-Quench 3600 solutions cover a wide range of quenching effects depending on solution concentrations and temperatures.  The quenching characteristics of Aqua-Quench 3600, as demonstrated by time-temperature cooling curves, have a slower rate of cooling during the convection phase.  This slower cooling rate in the third stage of the quenching mechanism will eliminate the tendency for quench cracking or distortion problems in many alloys and work pieces.


Aqua-Quench 3600 is formulated to quench ferrous alloys and is recommended as a quenchant in the following processes:


Surface Hardening


Gears, spindles, camshafts, bearing journals, drill pipe etc. that are induction or flame heated are traditionally quenched in oil. Aqua-Quench 3600 can replace the quenching oil and eliminate the fire hazard and reduce smoking.




Steel forgings of high and low hardenable material can be hardened in solutions of Aqua-Quench 3600 at 8-25% concentration.




Aqua-Quench 3600 is recommended for quenching of steel castings at concentrations depending on alloy from 8-25%.


Nodular and ductile iron castings can be quenched in solutions of Aqua-Quench 3600 at 10-30% concentration.


The above applications are examples. The actual solution concentration of Aqua-Quench 3600 will vary depending on the workpiece, chemistries, dimensions, equipment being used, and so on.





Clear, reddish-brown liquid

Viscosity @ 100°F (37.8°C

71.5 + 4.0 cSt

Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15.6°C)


Pounds per Gallon @ 60°F (15.6°C)


pH Value

9.0 + 0.5

Corrosion Protection

Excellent, even in 5% aqueous solution

Solubility in Water

At temperatures of 145°F or higher the product will be insoluble in water




Under normal conditions, the recommended shelf life for Aqua-Quench 3600 is twelve months.




Aqua-Quench 3600 is shipped in 55 (U.S.) gallon (208 liter) steel drums and in bulk.




Compound, Metal Annealing or Tempering, N.O.S.




No health or safety hazards exist when Aqua-Quench 3600 is stored, used and disposed of in accordance with instructions given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.


Avoid freezing:   If Aqua-Quench 3600 is inadvertently frozen, the product can stratify.  This will not affect the quenching characteristics of the product, but it must be thoroughly mixed prior to using.




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